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2017.11.19 Sunday  スポンサーサイト


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2014.12.02 Tuesday  ' Endless closeness ' Jewelry Exhibition at Gallery Putti

リガ・ラトヴィアにあるギャラリーArt Gallery Puttiでコンテンポラリージュエリー展が始ります。

A contemporary jewellery exhibition “Endless closeness” will take place in Art Gallery PUTTI from December 8, 2014 until February 14, 2015. Different Latvian and international jewellery artists will present their works, expressing their winter feeling. Exhibition participants are several Latvian and international jewellery designers: Guntis Lauders (Latvia), Māris Auniņš (Latvia), Māris Šustiņš (Latvia), Valdis Brože (Latvia), Andris Lauders (Latvia), Liisa Hashimoto (Japan), Rallou Katsari (Greece), Nikolajs Balabins (Russia), Gigi Mariani (Italy), Isabelle Busnel (England), Reka Lorincz (Hungary), Julia Maria Kunnap (Estonia), Heng Lee (Taiwan).

Liisa Hashimoto (Japan)

I gather my inspiration for making jewellery during long walks. I like to walk in parks, wander by old buildings, factories. Often my attention is attracted to rusty things, as different tools, playground equipment, ladders – these objects make me think about the time that has past.
During these walks I draw my inspiration also from nature – leaves, seeds, buds, little moss that grow by riverside. I like the organic forms in nature, they are so diverse, and no two forms are the same.
I mostly make my jewellery works from silver, copper and brass, all pieces are handmade. I like to create my jewellery in a way that would make people smile.


2017.11.19 Sunday  スポンサーサイト

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